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We hope you’re finding the website interesting. We only post the truth but if we ever post something you disagree with please contribute to the chat at the bottom of each page. It’s important that we speak about these things with an open mind and that we’re willing to use common sense and good judgement to place many of the pieces together. There is no denying this content is pointing us towards some very nefarious globalists who literally use their wealth and power to poison us whenever they can. We have perfect clarity and the horror show they’re trying to lead us towards, will be the most horrific thing the world has ever experienced. It’s important to break through their gatekeepers, and call out the gatekeepers for even the slightest amount of compliance.  Just like the Liberals, they need to learn that they were just being used, like BLM and ANTIFA. Most people are waking up to see the truth and many of those people have left the Democrat Party to join the Conservative Party or Independent. This is a terrific sign that the patriots are winning, which we know they are because this war was won before it was ever fought.

Please feel free to contact us for any reason, especially if you have any content you’d like posted, or even if you just need to unload your frustration. We are very familiar with that need, and we’ll listen. If you suggest anything from YouTube we’re going to try and locate the same video on Odysee.comUgeTube.comBrighteon.com, or Bitchute.com, as our first four choices, since we suspect anything truthful that is posted from YouTube eventually gets taken down. It’s very clear what is happening if you’ve watched the first 6 videos on the home page. I can’t guarantee that we’ll use your content but there’s a strong chance we will if you typically agree with just about everything on this website. 

Please be advised that this website and many others has been hacked numerous times. I have tried different security software and nothing I try really works the way I need it to. To make matters worse, each time my website is hacked, so are my backups. Every time I think I’ve made the firewall impenetrable, something out of the blue happens and my site is destroyed beyond repair. Like I said, this has happened many times, too many to count. If you have any suggestions we would be grateful for your help.  Now that I think of it, I could really use the help managing some other websites that still need to go up.  https://deepstatecriminals.com, https://programmedtoobey.com, https://mindlessobedience.com. I’m in over my head with ideas. If you have the time I’d greatly appreciate any help you can provide. I have a questionnaire I’d ask you to fill out first, to see if we’re both seeing the same things occur. 

I have some great ideas to wake people up that bypasses the illegal censoring of the truth. 

Please contact us at info@covertmassgenocide.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

The Globalists Do Have An Agenda. People Who Are Unaware Of This Will Be Shocked To The Core When All The Pieces Finally Come Together in Their Mind For The First Time!
Everything, Down To The Smallest Detail, is Part of a Very Diabolical Plan Against Mankind and All Of God's Creation. You Will Learn Why In The Section About Archons and The Nag Hamadi, But It's More Than That. It Is Such an Monstrous Conspiracy Against Living Man That It's Very Difficult To Help People See It. IF THEY WANT TO SEE IT THEY WILL, IN DUE TIME. I'm Just Going With The Flow as I Create This Website.

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