US Military ChiComs Commit Treason and Attempt To Weaken U.S. Military in Two Different Ways. Objective #1: Purge Non-Vaccine Takers! They Are Attempting To Purge Patriots in Uniform Who Know The Truth About The Jewish Poison.

ChiComs Know That Knowledgeable Troops Will Never Agree To Inject Their Body, "The Temple Of The Lord," With The Jewish Poison, and Will Likely Be Discharged From The Military, Thereby Weakening The U.S. Military.

Objective #2: Anyone Who is Coerced Into Taking The Lethal Injection Will Be Weakened From The Long List Of Toxins and Abominations That Are In The So-Called Vaccines, Which Are Not Vaccines At All. They Are Literally a Witches Brew of Poison!

The Horror in This Statement is Real. It is Not a Figment of Our Imagination. They Have Deceived The Entire World For Thousands Of Years. The CIA Wants You To Believe This is Just a Conspiracy Theory. I Have News For You, It's "ALL" True.

Just Look at All Of The People Who Have Died or Were Mamed For Life After Taking The Jewish Poison. This Too is an Attempt To Weaken Our Military. #TREASON #CLIMATECHANGEHOAX #WEAPONIZEDWEATHERWARFARE #GENOCIDE #LETHALINJECTION #THISISREALITY #WAKEUP

Urgent Message: There is a strong possibility that anyone who denies this information or giggles, rolls their eyes and walks away, and thinks it's our imagination, are the very same type of people who were the first to die in other Khazarian Mafia "Imposter" Jew genocides throughout history. If people only knew the truth. Something is preventing them from becoming empowered enough to seek the truth and learn it before the outcome of this dying 666 beast system converges into the 2nd Beast of Revelation and kills them all first. Genocides have happened before, many times. The people and entities we are at war with are going to shock the mind-controlled masses to the core if they don't seek the truth right now and become activated in their own way. We all need to be awakened for this war against all of God's creation to be a victory for the people. This is an urgent time for mankind.

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